Sekai Game Volume 3 Prologue Part 2

Witnessing such actions, I finally realised what I had misunderstood.

This person doesn’t give a damn about her parent’s dojo or its influence.

All that technique sharing and ‘raising the next generation’ stuff was just a public mask.

(This girl! You just wanted an excuse to invite me to the dojo for a rematch!!)

Not only did she regret losing at the competition, she also couldn’t challenge me directly due to the promise.

She was thinking that as long as she invited me to the dojo, there would be a chance to fight. That’s definitely why she brought out such a story.

This is a battle junkie with unwavering resolve.

“Well, let’s begin. I’m ready at any time.”

“I-Idiot! Who the hell wants to do it this way!? Also put your katana away! People are coming!”

I panicked and looked at my surroundings. Thankfully, there was not many people around, as the place where Hisame unsheathed her katana isn’t that exposed. However, I’m not sure if the guards would come here if they do see this place.

“But, still…”

“Didn’t you promise!?”

When I made this hesitating girl remember the word “Promise”…

“…Ah, Right.”

Vexingly, Hisame put away her katana.

And now, as she cannot fight, she wonders if there is any more business here.

“If you ever change your mind, please do not hesitate to tell me. You’re the only person who I can see as a rival. As I’ve decided that, I’ll never give up.”

With a simple turn of her body, she just went and walked away.

“Jeez, what a nuisance…”

That was unexpected. I never thought that I’d ever be acknowledged as a rival.

It’s kinda depressing to think that every time I’ll encounter her, this kind of exchange will happen.

“…I guess it’s time to go.”

I prompted Ringo, who also had her Golden Sakura sword prepped and ready for battle without my notice.

Even so, Hisame’s the troublesome one. Again, whenever I’m careless, she suddenly turns up and wants to have a match with me for whatever reason.

I thought that was unpleasant, but….

I suppose worrying about it was unnecessary.


“I know. I already know, so don’t say anything.”

From that time onwards, I felt that something strange behind me, no, a strange *someone* was following me.

The pursuing fellow was rather quick, but whenever I looked behind me, they hid behind a street corner or sign, or occasionally above the roof of a tall building.

Their skill was flawless. Their method in hiding their body, erasing their presence, and above all else, their speed in reacting to my movements, their skill is befitting of a master.

But, why?

Really, why is it?


Those cat ears were always popping out from the hiding spot.

You probably have already guessed who it is.

(Disregard it, disregard it. If I just pretend I don’t notice it, there ain’t no problem!)

Forcefully convincing myself, I advance down the street.

At great sacrifice, I got lots of money. I’ll make myself forget things like this and spend my time happily.

While I was walking down the street with such thoughts, I unintentionally heard the conversation of a nearby group of girls.

“…..I know, but that’s the eatery.”

“Ah, that eatery at Miss Hisame’s household west of this street. I’ve been there too.”

“Ah, yeah. Indeed. I also thought I should go to Hisame’s dojo as it’s got a good reputation, but…”

Without thinking I stopped walking, but as those two were not paying attention to me, they walked off without stopping.

(What is it now…)

Although I didn’t really hear it that clearly, I felt that their conversation was a little odd, but not only that, I heard a familiar name somewhere in it…

However, even though that conversation was rather uncanny, the surrounding people didn’t really take notice of it.

(Was it my imagination?)

Maybe I’m a little bit too nervous.

I shook my head thinking I was getting tired. When I pulled myself together and continued walking, this time my ears overheard the words of an adventurer.

“Oi oi. No matter how much time passes, shouldn’t you be staying at Hisame’s dojo right now?”

“Bastard. Even I’m thinking about Hisame’s place at the west of the Capital!”

“Huh, what are you talking about? If you want to go to the dojo, that should be in the west!”

No, this definitely cannot be my imagination!

This conversation is obviously strange. Moreover, it’s even more strange that nobody else is aware of how weird this conversation is.

I don’t want to believe it, but there’s no doubt.

Hisame’s chain events have started!

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12 thoughts on “Sekai Game Volume 3 Prologue Part 2

  1. Excited that someone picked up this novel, especially since this translation feels as high quality as Nanodesu’s so far. Thanks for the great work.


  2. Are cat ears the new shark fin? Swimming along minding your own business when you spot a pair of cat ears poking out of the water. As you try to swim to shore you notice that the cat ears are getting closer and closer. You realize that you’re not going to make it in time so you turn around to ready yourself. When suddenly…*SPLOOSH* “duel me-” “NOOOO!” “…..baka”

    Liked by 3 people

  3. This is an interesting situation; the world is trying to replicate the railroading the game originally subjected the player to, but since the people there are actual living humans (and demihumans), they cannot obviously simply refuse to interact with him until he goes into the dojo like the game does.

    I wonder if he will try to string things along a bit more and if the world will step up its attempts at railroading to match? One of the great points about this novel is that everything makes a lot of sense, but only in retrospect, so I have no idea how it’s going to work out for them.

    Thanks for translating!


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