Sekai Game Volume 3 Prologue Part 3

The insertion of Hisame’s dojo event into the everyday conversations of the people in the town is stunning, but for the time being let’s calm down and assess the situation.

The conversations of these people are definitely weird, but let’s not get too hasty and think that Hisame’s events have already begun.

I don’t know how far I can apply my game knowledge here, but in the game, when the event <Trials of the Hisame Household> started, the NPCs never spoke, not even concerning Hisame’s dojo. It’s hard to say that a complete flag has been set for Hisame’s event, since these characters are still talking.

A half-complete flag like this was definitely not in the game. Not only that, in Ramlich when I was with Train Girl, I already won against Hisame’s fight event.

Nevertheless, if you think that the <Trials of the Hisame Household> event coming up hadn’t already occurred, somehow I get the feeling that I’m right about my hypothesis.

(Maybe, at that time I also wasn’t able to completely avoid the event chain?)

I desperately think.

In the first place, Hisame’s event chain consisted of these 5 steps:

1. Challenge Hisame.

2. Get into a battle of life and death.

3. Win that battle.

4. Gain her recognition.

5. Accept Hisame’s invitation to her dojo.

In the past, I did steps 1, 2 and 3, but as I beat her in a cowardly manner, I never gained her recognition. Thus, I never received the invitation to her place. But now it’s different. As I defeated her in the tournament, I finally cleared step 4. Due to this, the chain event which I stopped in the past has resumed once more and now I’ve been invited to her place.

With all that information falling upon me, it’s become clear that the current circumstances happened due to my own fault. If this is true, then instead of this world being a fuzzy, approximate version of the game, where it somehow occurred randomly, it’s frightening to think that all this happened due to normal actions.

The difference in time in advancing through the steps definitely caused a gap in story flow, but it feels like my current situation is slowly progressing through that event line. It’s understandable to think that I’m definitely going to stumble into the <Trials of the Hisame Household> event.

“…Are you OK?”

Since I had stopped, Ringo, who was worried, called out to me.

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Nevermind me.”

The only oasis in my heart is Ringo. It looks like, as she is a character the protagonist is never supposed to encounter, or being a bug character, she hasn’t been influenced by Hisame’s event.

“Leaving that aside, we haven’t decided where we are going to stay for the night. Do you have any place where you want to go?

I feel like I’m stuck in this Hisame trap, and I’m probably being checkmate’d right now, but I’m tired of all this crap.

I haven’t received my prize money yet, but the Golden Wild Zlime we killed in the Extermination Fest were bonus monsters that dropped lots of experience and money. Thanks to killing lots of them, outside of the rewards, my Coin Crystal has millions worth of cash rolling around inside it. When I have this much, there’s no need to worry about accommodation prices.

Even if Ringo says she wants to stay at a super high class hotel which charges 20,000E per night, I’d be fine with that and look for one.

“…There is.”

With that, Ringo, who usually never demanded anything from me, nodded resolutely and announced the name of a place.

That place was…


I have no idea how many times I have sighed today.

But it’s totally understandable. Tonight’s lodgings are going to be a completely different grade to the previous ones.

Before this, I always rented a single room in a hotel, but now i’m renting out an entire building. This old-fashioned, wooden building is exceptionally airy, and you can enjoy the night breeze brushing against your face.

And, of course, all the many beddings they provide are made with the finest straws. It’s an excellent item that warms you, has a nostalgic scent, and sometimes is used as food by livestock.

You know what I’m talking about.

The place where we are staying tonight has always been my destiny.

—- It’s the stables!!

(How could this happen….!)

Why do I have to stay in a place which charges no money when I’m a millionaire?

The reason as to why I must surrender to these straw beds is obvious.

Ringo has always wanted to stay in the stables.

When I had no money, I did a rock-paper-scissors match with Ringo with the loser sleeping in the stables. Ringo, for some reason, thought that I had rigged the match so I would deliberately lose.

(I can’t believe my good intentions led to this….)

She seems to think that the stables are some sort of fascinating theme park where you can interact with horses while staying there so if I ever had asked her where to stay, this would have been at the top of her list.

Nonetheless, we’ve arrived at the place of her unexpected request. I hoped that she would give up once she saw the real thing, but I was too optimistic.

When I guided her here, Ringo’s expression didn’t change, rather, she looked even happier.

“…I’m staying here.”

is what she decided on the spot.

I said to her, of course, that we should go to another place to stay, but immediately Ringo’s face fell when she heard my suggestion. As a result, both Ringo and I are staying in this stable together….

(No matter how I look at it, this isn’t a place where someone should reside in.)

In the first place, this is a stable. Although it is a place which an innkeeper would suggest to stay in, there isn’t a bed or a chair, and it’s draughty because of the gaps in the walls.

As we said that we wanted to stay in the stables, the owner of the inn thought we were poor adventurers and was sympathetic towards us. So, we’re not cold as he provided us with plenty of straw and firewood, but everyone outside can see us.

There is a horse in a stable next to us, and that thing’s food is the same scraggly hay as what we’re sleeping on, so all I can do is laugh.

Another thing – This place was originally dangerous to sleep in, but this time I have the option of a bodyguard following me, so I don’t need to worry.

It would be foolish to call this a blessing in disguise, but as long as there are those cat ears peeking from the corner of the inn, I suppose it’s nice to think that our safety is guaranteed.

(Right. Let’s look at this in a different light.)

The exposed wall allows us to experience the exquisite outside air and scenery, and this straw bed is a fun gimmick that can appeal to children.

Ringo is in unusually high spirits, diving in and out of the straw and splitting the ends of the hay. She can finally fulfill that “split ends of hair” thing, somewhat.

To have satisfaction is better than anything else.


When I looked up at the sky to change my mood, I saw innumerable stars and a big moon. I was captivated by their beautiful light.

(It’s a full moon, huh….)

There is only one moon in this world, and it has phases like on Earth.

In some way, this world and Earth are connected by the moon.

If I was in an ordinary inn, I might have missed this beautiful full moon.

When I think about it, I feel like I have benefitted from this experience.

(A beautiful moon, a sky filled with stars. The refreshing wind, and the smell of hay. I can even hear the voices of the insects and animals from somewhere… I suppose this isn’t as bad as it seemed to be.)

I feel better now. When I thought I might finally be able to sleep more peacefully than usual today, a white horse moved at the opposite end.

Then, as if it could read the mood, the horse looked up at the sky and shouted loudly.

“Quit stalling! Hisame’s Dojo is in the west of the city! You better hoof it!”

… Yeah. This place is ass. I’m in a terrible nightmare.

While those awfully unique cries of that horse and the sounds of Hisame going “Achoo!” from around the corner continue to torment me, the seventh night of me being in this world slowly dragged on.

<Prologue End>

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12 thoughts on “Sekai Game Volume 3 Prologue Part 3

  1. One hell of a situation. The world is playing wingman for Hisame.
    And there’s likely no way he’s going until forced. lol.

    Glad it’s continuing.


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