Sekai Game Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 2

Part 2

“Well then, thank you very much.”

“Yeah. It seems hard, but I’m sure you all can do it!”

While we were given warm words by the innkeeper, who had misunderstood our affairs in the past, we left the inn.

After all, our accommodation was in a stable. There weren’t any keys or other check-out procedures in particular, but we still decided to meet the innkeeper and tell them that we were leaving.

The innkeeper was also talking normally, as it was likely the effects of Hisame’s event had vanished, but it was still difficult to confirm that over just a few phrases. I decided to go to a place where the most talkative fellow in this town was. It was a good opportunity to do so, after all.

The biggest blabbermouth that lived in the city, was of course…

“Ma’am, two apples please!”

“Alright, 100E please! … Huh? If I’m thinking correctly, it’s you from yesterday…?”

Time to inform you. It’s the old lady at the grocery.

“Yes. I made a commotion earlier.”

While saying that, I took two apples and gave one of them to miss apple girl Ringo.

As ever, both apple apples and humans who are named after apples are a confusing thing.

While Ringo started to look at the apple she just received with her passionate eyes, I turned back to the old lady.

For now, there aren’t any signs that she’s gonna talk about Hisame’s house. However, it can’t be said that I’ve totally lost my doubts, so I think it’ll be good if I gather more information. I’ve got nothing to lose.

I once again spoke to the lady.

“By the way, have you heard any new rumors about the princess?”

Hearing my words, the old lady gives me a wry smile.

“What you talkin’ about. It’s only been a day, It’ll be impossible for anything new to pop up… Well, that’s what I’d have wanted to say.”

“Did something happen?”

She said to me to not tell anyone else about this. Indeed, after those introductory remarks, she started to speak in a lower voice.

“Recently, the princess seems to have been a bit naughty. Here and there, there’s been talk by the people in the castle about not knowing how to deal with her.”

“Ahaha, I see.”

By the age of seven, Maki had mastered her skills in the way of the troublemaker.

There are many great stories to be heard about that girl. Late at night, she snuck into her own house through the window like a burglar. One time she said she wanted to be in the same class as me, so when she hid in the cleaning closet in my classroom, it caused a big fuss. At one point, she used a crayon to write “Maki Sanjou” on the fence between my house and the neighbours. So yeah, stuff like that. If the princess was indeed replaced by her, I don’t think she’d just sit down and be a good girl.

By the way, the way she wrote “Sanjou” in kanji (三上) seemed to have been a mistaken way to write Sanjou (参上). Even though my parents and I teased her for it, considering her age, you could say she was rather smart for using kanji even if it was imperfect. That girl, despite appearances, is mysteriously good with her studies.

In any case, it’s most likely that the princess’s real identity is Maki.

(Oi, you, did you really come to this world….?)

I found myself shifting my gaze in the direction of the royal palace.

If I’m right, Princess Shielmia should have her room at the top floor in the west tower of Licht Castle, which is at the heart of the capital. I think it’s very inconvenient to live at the top floor of a tower, but for the sake of events, I suppose it’s good there.

(I’d say it’s even worse for her, being stuck in such a place.)

By any means, I want to get in touch with Maki.

Wait, there’s an even simpler way to know if the princess is really Maki.

“B-By the way, that Maki princess you were talking about, what kind of person is she? Like, her appearance. I just realised I never knew.”

I asked her this with various motives in mind. The old lady looked at me bewilderedly.

“You really don’t know anything about that princess, huh. Princess Maki has pretty, black hair, and a sweet but small stature.”

Small girl with black hair. Yeah, those seem to match with Maki. Although, even Hisame has black hair, and just being a small person isn’t enough information.

“Is there anything else?”

I asked. The lady started to think.

“Hmm… Right… Something else, something else…. Oh! I, of all people, totally forgot she has an incredible characteristc.”

“An incredible characteristic?”

While I was thinking about if Maki had anything that made her stand out, the old lady brought her face close to mine and began to talk in a whisper. It was as if she was confiding with me a tremendous secret.

“As I said, the princess’s hair was black, yeah? That hair……”

The old lady paused the words there to give a dramatic effect.

“The split ends of her hair are so beautiful!!”

“…..Come again?”

Was I mistaken?

I thought a few words in that sentence sounded out of place.

“Um, what did you say?”

“Split ends, I said. Split ends! That princess, her ends are split!”

“It’s amazing, right?” was the expression the old lady was giving me.

I have no freaking clue what she’s talking about.

“Ah. You don’t know what split ends mean? It’s like this. When the ends of your hair, right here, they just split apart like a tree branch….”

“Yeah yeah I know that! I’m wondering why split hair, out of anything…”

….No. In the game, there were characters with grey hair of bald heads, but the game devs never bothered to make any characters that had hair with split ends. If this world had faithfully reproduced the game, there shouldn’t be any people with split-ended hair.

On the other hand, if it’s a game, then my real-life appearance may have been interpreted by it through a special program. I also did not take care of my hair in real life, and thus the ends of my hair started to split. So, it’s no wonder that the program incorporated this into my character design. Then, since hair having split ends would be considered rare, it’s possible the inhabitants might treat it something similar to a four-leafed clover.

(Could it be, that was the reason why Ringo cared so much about split ends?”

Nah, it could just be that Ringo simply liked things with split ends, but if it’s true that split ends are rare in this world, the possibility that the princess was Maki has increased. I would be excited that this clue has come from such an unexpected place, but in reality, I’m not.

After all, from this unexpected place, a crisis was approaching me.

The horror that had struck me was…

“Good heavens! If I look at you closely, your hair also has split ends! Well I never. That’s a rare sight. Show me a bit more.”

That old lady was huge.

“Hey, wa- wait….”

The lady at the grocery was focused, staring deep into my eyes. Speaking of this, I had a similar encounter with Hisame this morning, but this oba-chan is exerting a different power.

“Are you a bit shy? It’s all right, all right. It’s not like I’m going to eat it, after all!”

While she said this, the big girl swung herself towards me.

Her lips broadly disfigured.

And, like a bird of prey, dazzling aimed at me.

(I-I’m gonna be eaten…..!)

In spite of her words, I feel a great danger looming over me.

“….Oh, Oya~?”

Something white had interrupted me and the old lady.

Coincidingly, a voice with poor intonation hit our ears.

“No…. That’s… Mine.”

In order to block me from the old lady’s line of sight, Ringo had her arms stretched out in front of me.

“Come to think of it, previously you also…”

Even the old lady was struck by Ringo’s sudden intervention, and her focus diverted away from me.

Not missing this chance, I distanced myself from the woman.

“Th-Thank you very much. We’re going now!”

And so, taking one of Ringo’s outstretched hands, we quickly went away from the grocery stall.

[TL Note: The whole “Split ends” thing was foreshadowed earlier with Ringo saying it, but I localized the joke and altered it. (Thought it was random nonsense) I went back to previous chapters and added it back in. Sorry! I’ll try to be more literal.]

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Sekai Game Volume 3 Chapter 1 Part 1

CHAPTER 1: Hunter Guild Battle

Part 1

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to sleep in such a dreadful environment, but the next day dawned before I even noticed.

“Human beings really can sleep anywhere, how surprising…”

I decided to remember this weird feeling, and while I was rubbing my sleepy eyes I saw Ringo sleeping in the area next to me.

In the game, they called Ringo the doll princess. I was wondering what might’ve happened if she slept with her eyes open, but thankfully they were properly shut.

On the other hand, even as I’m watching her, she isn’t stirring much, but I suppose that’s normal for her.

Well, let’s get up.

“Oi, Ringo, It’s mor-….”

I spoke to her, but then stopped halfway through.

Yesterday, not only did the people in the city, but even the horses were affected by Hisame’s event. I’d be happy if this situation resolved naturally, but I don’t think much has changed since I slept.

At that time, Ringo didn’t seem to be affected by it, but this may not necessarily be the case today. I had a mildly scary omen fall upon me when I thought about her saying stuff about Hisame and her household.

Speaking of whom, what happened to Hisame? I remembered that she was with us the whole time, so I looked at the place where I had seen her cat ears popping out earlier.

….She ain’t there.

“Hisame? You there?”

I looked around at different areas where she might have been hiding, but I couldn’t see her figure there either.

Did she indeed go home late in the night? Well, when she feels like it, she can instantly know our location with her Seeker’s Ring, and I doubt she’s given up yet, but I’m honestly slightly at ease now that she is no longer looking at us.


Two triangular objects burst out from the pile of hay in front of me.

Those two triangles, moved around the surroundings to search, bobbing up and down while doing so. Then…

“Ah, so I was noticed.”

An arm and a face protruded from the hay. We’ve encounted Hisame again.

“What on earth are you doing….”

I wanted to say that she was a ninja or something, but I felt like I wasn’t too far off.

I was totally startled. When Hisame shook her face and ears to get rid of the straw,

“It was so cold, so what else could I do? You’d had already noticed me monitoring you anyway.”

She said, completely calm and collected.

Well, as I had heard her sneezing the night away, it seems that even Hisame couldn’t win against the cold.

Looking at her protruding cat ears, I thought it was because “she’s a cat”, but maybe it could also be because of that outfit she’s wearing.

In order to maximize her speed, she puts on the minimal amount of things required.

She only has two items on herself – an ultra-light weight katana, and a small adventurer’s bag. She is wearing the <Ama no Hagoromo>, which gives an excellent defense power despite its appearance, but also looks like it can’t protect much against the cold. Other than that, she’s put on tabi [1] as an accessory.

That stuff doesn’t seem likely to oppose the coldness of the night.

However, this can be seen as a small sacrifice when you consider her strength. Her moving speed and attack speed can surprass Rapid Cancel Dash. If you can get /that/ quick, even if you feel a bit cold in light clothing, then….. Huh?

(Maybe I could use this flaw?)

The lightweight stuff she wears to make her faster is her greatest asset. But, there might be some sort of opening there too.

From the start there is a weak point. If I were successful at aiming at that bit, then….

(Wait, why am I thinking of this with the assumption that I’ll be fighting Hisame?!)

With a fleeting sidelong glance, I looked at Hisame who, with a complacent expression, was dusting off the last bits of straw from her body.

No matter if I go to Hisame’s house or try to escape as it is, there wouldn’t be any point in fighting her. As the event has already progressed, even if I deliberately take a risk and fight Hisame…

(Wait, maybe that’s not the case…?)

That’s it! The event has pretty much begun, but it’s not yet completely that way. If I break the flag here, there’s a possibility I might be able to avoid this fate.


As soon as I thought that, my mouth naturally called out her name.


Hisame, who had just picked out and threw away the last straw on herself, responded to me with a pretty uninterested response.

But, that was only the case until I uttered the next remark.

“As it has been always, don’t you want to have a match with me?”

Hisame’s movements stopped. From a glance, I could definitely see her feelings from that look she gave me.

“You… serious?”

Her slightly-narrowed eyes have a sharp glint. She probably can’t believe that I had a change of heart regarding being reluctant to fight until now.

As I have always been reluctant to get involved with her, it’d be normal for even people who are not Hisame to suspect that I’ve lost my mind when suddenly I have, out of my own free will, challenged her for a match.

Nevertheless, this is still the best thing I could come up with. This is the ultimate way to avoid Hisame’s event chain.

There are five conditions needed for the <Trials of the Hisame Household> event to occur, but I don’t even need to think about which one is the most important out of them.

—The step where Hisame calls you to her house.

The < Trials of the Hisame Household> event, naturally, does not happen unless you are called to Hisame’s household. No matter how it goes, if this step can be bypassed, even if I satisfy all the other conditions, the event might not start.

If that happens, then the rest is simple.

Hisame is bringing me to her dojo because she simply wants to fight with me. So, if I were to fight her here in advance, there isn’t a reason for Hisame to call me to to the dojo. So, the event flag will be no more.

However, the problem is after the fighting. In the last duel, I misjudged the strength of this event flag, and it came to bite me in the ass as you can see now.

So, this time I won’t cut any corners.

“Yep. Of course I am serious. This time, I won’t bamboozle you like earlier. I really will fight you. However, You’ll have to agree to some conditions.”

“Conditions, eh?”

Hisame’s cat ears tensed up a bit, and an unsettling atmosphere spread out around the place.

Last time, in one of the previous games, she fell into a trap due to the rules. There’s no wonder why this time she seems a bit cautious.

However, I pretend not to notice it, and state my conditions.

“I want you to stop calling me to the Dojo. This is, of course, regardless of whether you win or lose. I want you to stop asking me to come to the dojo because I lost, or to help out at the dojo because I won.”

There ain’t no point in winning this battle if the event continues progressing.

For me, asking for this condition is a given.


I guess she was anticipating some more extreme conditions. Hisame easily agreed.

This is a relief, but I’m not done yet.

In a manner of speaking, this is just insurance. My main bet is on this match with Hisame.

Even if I’m no longer being called to the dojo, I really should deal with the underlying cause of Hisame having an interest towards me at the moment. My ultimate goal is to make sure Hisame stays away from me, and with this match, I will make sure that happens.

There are two ways for me to go about this.

I can easily lose and make her think “There’s no reason to fight this guy…”, or on the opposing hand, make her think “I don’t want to fight this guy ever again!”.

This time, I’m more inclined to think of doing the latter. In order for me to do that, it’s essential to have a proper place to fight.

I spoke to her again.

“Also, this match is going to be simply a /game/, so do not stake your life on it.”
By using the duel system properly and choosing the right location, the minimum condition to end the match is to faint, leave the arena, or to give up.

This may sound demanding, but this isn’t an unreasonable request. In fact, I’d find it funny if we didn’t decide on any rules before starting a match.”

No matter how much I reasoned, I thought that it’d be difficult for her to accept this much, but…….

“Alright then. We agreed upon something like that earlier anyway. Let’s fight with those conditions.”

I wonder if she deduced that my conditions didn’t have any kind of catch.

While slightly disappointed but still alert, Hisame accepted my conditions.

“The date is three days from now, in the daytime. If possible, in a place where we won’t grab much attention. If you can abide by that, you can decide what the time and place will be.”

To emphasise my sincerity, I allowed the other party to choose the time and place.

There was also a sense of security that I won’t play any cheap tricks on Hisame.

“If that’s the case, then three days from now at the current time, behind there.”

Such a decision suited her. Indeed, she didn’t fuss over where to fight.

I don’t have any problem either.

“Aye. That’s good with me.”

I lightly nod.

If I remember correctly, the back of this place turned into a small courtyard. It’s big enough, and there isn’t much possibility of getting noticed.

The decision of where second duel will be staged has now been made between Hisame and myself.


With that, we should have finished our conversation. Normally, when she has finished business, Hisame would immediately go away. However, she has not moved at all, and for some reason she’s just staring at me.

No, on the contrary, she’s bending forward a bit and looking into my eyes.

“W-What’s wrong?”

I’m not really aware of her normal speech and conduct, but Hisame is a popular character who dominates the top rankings, and has a very well-appointed appearance. Simply speaking, she’s hot.

With such a person getting up so close to me, It’s hard to keep a straight face.

“Nothing. I didn’t notice it before as I never got this close in proximity to you, but if I really look closely, you…..”

At that time, there was a loud noise behind me.

“Aah, oh, you’re awake?”

It’s Ringo. She’s woken up and looking at me with vacant eyes.

I shouldn’t be guilty of anything in particular, but my composure is getting harder to maintain.

That’s why I was relieved when Hisame stopped looking at me so closely.

“Well then, let’s meet up here in three days.…. Don’t forget that I have the Seeker’s Ring.”

After nonchalantly warning me to not run away, Hisame walked off.

“…Is it over?”

I thought I would say something about my talk with Hisame, but Ringo’s reaction wasn’t that much.

When she went “uhuh” and nodded, Ringo wasn’t showing interest, and instead of looking at me, her gaze was at the stable behind me.

Somehow, I decided to look where she was looking.

That’s when I noticed that white horse from yesterday was there. That thing was looking at us for a while.


No problems anymore.

[1] Tabi = Japanese socks. They have a division between the big toe and the rest. Google image search them, I guess?

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Sekai Game Volume 3 Prologue Part 3

The insertion of Hisame’s dojo event into the everyday conversations of the people in the town is stunning, but for the time being let’s calm down and assess the situation.

The conversations of these people are definitely weird, but let’s not get too hasty and think that Hisame’s events have already begun.

I don’t know how far I can apply my game knowledge here, but in the game, when the event <Trials of the Hisame Household> started, the NPCs never spoke, not even concerning Hisame’s dojo. It’s hard to say that a complete flag has been set for Hisame’s event, since these characters are still talking.

A half-complete flag like this was definitely not in the game. Not only that, in Ramlich when I was with Train Girl, I already won against Hisame’s fight event.

Nevertheless, if you think that the <Trials of the Hisame Household> event coming up hadn’t already occurred, somehow I get the feeling that I’m right about my hypothesis.

(Maybe, at that time I also wasn’t able to completely avoid the event chain?)

I desperately think.

In the first place, Hisame’s event chain consisted of these 5 steps:

1. Challenge Hisame.

2. Get into a battle of life and death.

3. Win that battle.

4. Gain her recognition.

5. Accept Hisame’s invitation to her dojo.

In the past, I did steps 1, 2 and 3, but as I beat her in a cowardly manner, I never gained her recognition. Thus, I never received the invitation to her place. But now it’s different. As I defeated her in the tournament, I finally cleared step 4. Due to this, the chain event which I stopped in the past has resumed once more and now I’ve been invited to her place.

With all that information falling upon me, it’s become clear that the current circumstances happened due to my own fault. If this is true, then instead of this world being a fuzzy, approximate version of the game, where it somehow occurred randomly, it’s frightening to think that all this happened due to normal actions.

The difference in time in advancing through the steps definitely caused a gap in story flow, but it feels like my current situation is slowly progressing through that event line. It’s understandable to think that I’m definitely going to stumble into the <Trials of the Hisame Household> event.

“…Are you OK?”

Since I had stopped, Ringo, who was worried, called out to me.

“Oh, yeah. I’m fine. Nevermind me.”

The only oasis in my heart is Ringo. It looks like, as she is a character the protagonist is never supposed to encounter, or being a bug character, she hasn’t been influenced by Hisame’s event.

“Leaving that aside, we haven’t decided where we are going to stay for the night. Do you have any place where you want to go?

I feel like I’m stuck in this Hisame trap, and I’m probably being checkmate’d right now, but I’m tired of all this crap.

I haven’t received my prize money yet, but the Golden Wild Zlime we killed in the Extermination Fest were bonus monsters that dropped lots of experience and money. Thanks to killing lots of them, outside of the rewards, my Coin Crystal has millions worth of cash rolling around inside it. When I have this much, there’s no need to worry about accommodation prices.

Even if Ringo says she wants to stay at a super high class hotel which charges 20,000E per night, I’d be fine with that and look for one.

“…There is.”

With that, Ringo, who usually never demanded anything from me, nodded resolutely and announced the name of a place.

That place was…


I have no idea how many times I have sighed today.

But it’s totally understandable. Tonight’s lodgings are going to be a completely different grade to the previous ones.

Before this, I always rented a single room in a hotel, but now i’m renting out an entire building. This old-fashioned, wooden building is exceptionally airy, and you can enjoy the night breeze brushing against your face.

And, of course, all the many beddings they provide are made with the finest straws. It’s an excellent item that warms you, has a nostalgic scent, and sometimes is used as food by livestock.

You know what I’m talking about.

The place where we are staying tonight has always been my destiny.

—- It’s the stables!!

(How could this happen….!)

Why do I have to stay in a place which charges no money when I’m a millionaire?

The reason as to why I must surrender to these straw beds is obvious.

Ringo has always wanted to stay in the stables.

When I had no money, I did a rock-paper-scissors match with Ringo with the loser sleeping in the stables. Ringo, for some reason, thought that I had rigged the match so I would deliberately lose.

(I can’t believe my good intentions led to this….)

She seems to think that the stables are some sort of fascinating theme park where you can interact with horses while staying there so if I ever had asked her where to stay, this would have been at the top of her list.

Nonetheless, we’ve arrived at the place of her unexpected request. I hoped that she would give up once she saw the real thing, but I was too optimistic.

When I guided her here, Ringo’s expression didn’t change, rather, she looked even happier.

“…I’m staying here.”

is what she decided on the spot.

I said to her, of course, that we should go to another place to stay, but immediately Ringo’s face fell when she heard my suggestion. As a result, both Ringo and I are staying in this stable together….

(No matter how I look at it, this isn’t a place where someone should reside in.)

In the first place, this is a stable. Although it is a place which an innkeeper would suggest to stay in, there isn’t a bed or a chair, and it’s draughty because of the gaps in the walls.

As we said that we wanted to stay in the stables, the owner of the inn thought we were poor adventurers and was sympathetic towards us. So, we’re not cold as he provided us with plenty of straw and firewood, but everyone outside can see us.

There is a horse in a stable next to us, and that thing’s food is the same scraggly hay as what we’re sleeping on, so all I can do is laugh.

Another thing – This place was originally dangerous to sleep in, but this time I have the option of a bodyguard following me, so I don’t need to worry.

It would be foolish to call this a blessing in disguise, but as long as there are those cat ears peeking from the corner of the inn, I suppose it’s nice to think that our safety is guaranteed.

(Right. Let’s look at this in a different light.)

The exposed wall allows us to experience the exquisite outside air and scenery, and this straw bed is a fun gimmick that can appeal to children.

Ringo is in unusually high spirits, diving in and out of the straw and splitting the ends of the hay. She can finally fulfill that “split ends of hair” thing, somewhat.

To have satisfaction is better than anything else.


When I looked up at the sky to change my mood, I saw innumerable stars and a big moon. I was captivated by their beautiful light.

(It’s a full moon, huh….)

There is only one moon in this world, and it has phases like on Earth.

In some way, this world and Earth are connected by the moon.

If I was in an ordinary inn, I might have missed this beautiful full moon.

When I think about it, I feel like I have benefitted from this experience.

(A beautiful moon, a sky filled with stars. The refreshing wind, and the smell of hay. I can even hear the voices of the insects and animals from somewhere… I suppose this isn’t as bad as it seemed to be.)

I feel better now. When I thought I might finally be able to sleep more peacefully than usual today, a white horse moved at the opposite end.

Then, as if it could read the mood, the horse looked up at the sky and shouted loudly.

“Quit stalling! Hisame’s Dojo is in the west of the city! You better hoof it!”

… Yeah. This place is ass. I’m in a terrible nightmare.

While those awfully unique cries of that horse and the sounds of Hisame going “Achoo!” from around the corner continue to torment me, the seventh night of me being in this world slowly dragged on.

<Prologue End>

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Sekai Game Volume 3 Prologue Part 2

Witnessing such actions, I finally realised what I had misunderstood.

This person doesn’t give a damn about her parent’s dojo or its influence.

All that technique sharing and ‘raising the next generation’ stuff was just a public mask.

(This girl! You just wanted an excuse to invite me to the dojo for a rematch!!)

Not only did she regret losing at the competition, she also couldn’t challenge me directly due to the promise.

She was thinking that as long as she invited me to the dojo, there would be a chance to fight. That’s definitely why she brought out such a story.

This is a battle junkie with unwavering resolve.

“Well, let’s begin. I’m ready at any time.”

“I-Idiot! Who the hell wants to do it this way!? Also put your katana away! People are coming!”

I panicked and looked at my surroundings. Thankfully, there was not many people around, as the place where Hisame unsheathed her katana isn’t that exposed. However, I’m not sure if the guards would come here if they do see this place.

“But, still…”

“Didn’t you promise!?”

When I made this hesitating girl remember the word “Promise”…

“…Ah, Right.”

Vexingly, Hisame put away her katana.

And now, as she cannot fight, she wonders if there is any more business here.

“If you ever change your mind, please do not hesitate to tell me. You’re the only person who I can see as a rival. As I’ve decided that, I’ll never give up.”

With a simple turn of her body, she just went and walked away.

“Jeez, what a nuisance…”

That was unexpected. I never thought that I’d ever be acknowledged as a rival.

It’s kinda depressing to think that every time I’ll encounter her, this kind of exchange will happen.

“…I guess it’s time to go.”

I prompted Ringo, who also had her Golden Sakura sword prepped and ready for battle without my notice.

Even so, Hisame’s the troublesome one. Again, whenever I’m careless, she suddenly turns up and wants to have a match with me for whatever reason.

I thought that was unpleasant, but….

I suppose worrying about it was unnecessary.


“I know. I already know, so don’t say anything.”

From that time onwards, I felt that something strange behind me, no, a strange *someone* was following me.

The pursuing fellow was rather quick, but whenever I looked behind me, they hid behind a street corner or sign, or occasionally above the roof of a tall building.

Their skill was flawless. Their method in hiding their body, erasing their presence, and above all else, their speed in reacting to my movements, their skill is befitting of a master.

But, why?

Really, why is it?


Those cat ears were always popping out from the hiding spot.

You probably have already guessed who it is.

(Disregard it, disregard it. If I just pretend I don’t notice it, there ain’t no problem!)

Forcefully convincing myself, I advance down the street.

At great sacrifice, I got lots of money. I’ll make myself forget things like this and spend my time happily.

While I was walking down the street with such thoughts, I unintentionally heard the conversation of a nearby group of girls.

“…..I know, but that’s the eatery.”

“Ah, that eatery at Miss Hisame’s household west of this street. I’ve been there too.”

“Ah, yeah. Indeed. I also thought I should go to Hisame’s dojo as it’s got a good reputation, but…”

Without thinking I stopped walking, but as those two were not paying attention to me, they walked off without stopping.

(What is it now…)

Although I didn’t really hear it that clearly, I felt that their conversation was a little odd, but not only that, I heard a familiar name somewhere in it…

However, even though that conversation was rather uncanny, the surrounding people didn’t really take notice of it.

(Was it my imagination?)

Maybe I’m a little bit too nervous.

I shook my head thinking I was getting tired. When I pulled myself together and continued walking, this time my ears overheard the words of an adventurer.

“Oi oi. No matter how much time passes, shouldn’t you be staying at Hisame’s dojo right now?”

“Bastard. Even I’m thinking about Hisame’s place at the west of the Capital!”

“Huh, what are you talking about? If you want to go to the dojo, that should be in the west!”

No, this definitely cannot be my imagination!

This conversation is obviously strange. Moreover, it’s even more strange that nobody else is aware of how weird this conversation is.

I don’t want to believe it, but there’s no doubt.

Hisame’s chain events have started!

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Sekai Game Volume 1 Prologue Part 1

TL Note: Nanodesu Translations translated everything in Vol 2 except for the bonus story and afterword. I’m picking this story up from the start of Vol 3, so find somebody else to translate those bits. (Or, you could just buy Vol 2’s ebook on yourself and MTL it if you’re that desperate.)



“Why don’t you come to my dojo, and put your strength to use?”

It was after the end of the Golden Zlime Extermination Fest. In front of us was the cat-eared warrior Mitsuki Hisame, who said those lines.

As soon as I heard those words, I had goosebumps.

The reason was simple. Those were the exact lines that signified the start of Nekomimineko’s worst chain-event, <Trials of the Hisame Family>.

If so, then her next words would undoubtedly be “You must become the next candidate for the household of Hisame!”

“W-Wait, Hisame! That’s..”

If her next line was said, that would be the end of me. In a panic, I desperately tried to restrain Hisame from saying it, but…

“You must become a new instructor for the household of Hisame!”


Her line was slightly different from the game, so I froze.


Firstly, I must calm down and think.

<Trials of the Hisame Family>  was a series of events where you must defeat Hisame in one-to-one combat. The difficulty was the same level as defeating the Demon Lord, and experiencing it for the first time would undoubtedly kill you. It was a horrible event. Furthermore, what made this event truly terrible wasn’t the death rate, but…

While I was thinking about that, I was also trying to understand the situation. Behind me was a slightly alert Ringo, who was focusing on Hisame with an expressionless face.

“Ringo,  I don’t care what, but can you at least say something to me?”

With such an abrupt request, Ringo intently looked at me. After a bit of hesitation, she spoke.

“…Split ends… of hair?”


I shouted while intensely clenching my fist. I decided to avoid this worst-case scenario.

What made Hisame’s chain event so terrible was not the overwhelming difficulty, nor the super-high death percentage, but the fact that once you start the events, you can never run away from them.

Once you satisfy the requirements to start the event, you can’t talk to any character except Hisame, and it becomes impossible to progress further into the game. The only place where the player can go would be Hisame and her training dojo.

However, with Ringo’s intervention, with that weird and kinda creepy phrase “split ends of hair” is a phrase only Ringo can come up with originally. Furthermore, this dialogue should have interrupted the start of the chain event.

“Well, is it over?”

In a mysterious, quizzical way, Hisame’s cat ears implied a response of “No”.

“Fine. Tell me the story.”

With Hisame’s proposal, this time I decided to lend an ear.

Simply put, Hisame was scouting for people for her dojo, and she found me.

“I said my dojo, but accurately speaking, I meant my parents’ dojo.”

I already knew that – is what I wanted to say, as I further understood in the game that Hisame’s dojo was really big. About half of the country’s knights and famous adventures are somehow involved in Hisame’s dojo.

In this world where the presence of monsters influences the lives of civilians, for better or for worse, people with the adventurer or knight occupation have strong influence. As half of them are tied to this dojo, it would be safe to assume that the dojo itself is also influential. Furthermore, it’s made them filthy rich.

“However, if that’s the case, why are you talking to me?”

Being such a famous dojo, there should be lots of people who would be more than willing to teach there, so I couldn’t see the need for her to invite me.

Due to my question, Hisame’s cat ears started to pitch forward.

“In the Extermination Festival, as I defeated the majority of the monsters, I should have won by all rights. However, your knowledge of the event exceeded mine. Looking at this, my views of you have changed.”

The woman who single handedly defeated over half of the monsters, looks at me as an equal for the first time. After all, she seemed to be rather shocked after the announcements.

Well, I think some things are better left unsaid, especially with my actions.

“What do you mean by ‘changed’?”

Instead of returning to the death route conversation, I prompt her to explain via these interjections.

And thus, Hisame joyfully continues talking.

“You have used techniques that I don’t know, while also having used existing skills in unconventional ways. That is, evidently, your strange sword. You seem to have been training techniques that I, no,  this whole country has no idea existed.”

She bluntly said such lines to me.

(Techniques that this entire country has no knowledge of…. Oh come on!)

If you call knowing a game’s technicalities a technique, well, it’s probably true.

Even though it was said in such a flattering way, I just couldn’t really accept it.

“Also, I heard that woman next to you can shoot lightning with the power to break a boulder, straight from her hands. That too, is something that is not possible with ordinary skills or magic.”

It seems that the thing with Ringo and her lightning has also been leaked.

I almost started to wonder why, but the news almost certainly came from Ryden.

That guy was only focused on defeating King Butcher, but come to think of it, if you were awake at that time, you’d have definitely been able to see Ringo breaking the boulder. He is a man who is said to never betray his comrades, yet he’s got such a loose tongue.

“If you are willing to discuss further, you will receive more riches and fame than you’ll ever get in your dreams, and the dojos throughout the nation will help you in any way possible. Would you please share your knowledge, so it can be become useful to the next generation of graduates?”

And with that, she finished her speech. The twitching of her cat ears gave a “How’s that?” attitude.

(I see. As I thought, it’s definitely different from the game’s chain event.)

The original <Trial of the Hisame Family>’s opening lines were “If you can beat me, you may become worthy of entering the Hisame family. First of all, can you meet my father?”. With that, you get taken to Hisame’s home, and then undergo an ordeal to qualify to become the next generation’s head of the household.

My ability is being evaluated, and Hisame is inviting me to her dojo, but the reasoning and context are now different. If this is the case, then maybe there wouldn’t be any problem.

I faced her and grandly nodded.

“Aah. I get what you’re saying.”

“Is that so? Well then…”

“BUT, I refuse your offer.”

As soon as I said that, her cat ears bounced up in surprise.

“Wait, what? Why!?”

Her voice was noticeably shaking. How unusual.

I don’t really want to be asked “why”, either. From the very beginning, I never intended on accepting her request.

Certainly, if I poured out all the knowledge I knew into this world, society would improve and I could live comfortably. It’s not like I don’t want to see stuff like the knights marching with Rapid Cancel Dash, or adventurers defeating monsters by taking advantage of their weaknesses…

It’s just, as I spent all my college life obtaining the knowledge I have about <Nekomimineko>, I’d like to say it’s part of my assets.

I know it’s bad that adventurers in this world are fighting while putting their life on the line, but even if it’s due to my own selfishness, I can’t simply let go of my fortune. I can’t be a magnanimous, kind person.

Furthermore, it’s outrageous that I’ll be stuck as a teacher instead of obtaining money.

In the past seven days of being in this game world, various things have happened. I’m absolutely sure that some disaster will befall upon me in the future. To resist Nekomimineko’s unreasonable system, I can’t afford to settle down.

Not only that…

“I don’t think you’d be able to withstand the weight of all the knowledge I have.”

“The weight of your knowledge?”

If it’s only superficial knowledge, I suppose it’ll be fine. However, in order to understand and use all the techniques that I know, you must become one with the mind of a gamer.

For them to accept my knowledge, they must also accept that the world that they are living is, has, and always will be a fake.

This world is a game, but only I know it.

Well, if Maki came to this world too, she might also be aware of this, so I might be able to teach her.

But that’s all.

I have no intention of telling the truth to anyone else.

And, one last thing.

The most simplest reason:

“You, why are you here right now?”

Hisame probably holds her dojo in high regard. Maybe she thinks it’s the best place in the world.

However, as Hisame herself departs from the dojo and travels alone, this is a contradiction.

“You left the dojo because you wanted something that you could not get in that dojo, right? There were no life-threatening fights with powerful enemies in that place. I am the same. I don’t want anything there either. Therefore…”

After I said those words, I noticed a change in Hisame’s demeanour.

She was supposed to be looking this way, but now she’s staring at the ground, completely silent.

Could it be that my words hit too close to home?

When I started to think about what words I should follow up with…

“In other words, you also wish to die from fighting a formidable enemy. Is that a reasonable interpretation?”

Looking at her mouth, I noticed that I had misunderstood.

Oh so very slightly, did I see a smile on what was supposed to be an expressionless face. And upon looking even closer, I became aware to what I was unaware of before; she was unsheathing her beloved sword Getsuei. She was totally ready for a fight.

“I’ve made a terrible detour. If that’s the case, you should have said so right from the beginning. It’s okay. That strong enemy you are looking for, is right here.”

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